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Top Slot Direct Sales

Scaleracing LLC and Top Slot have decided to go to Direct Sales with the 1:32 Scale Resin Cars in the Top Slot range.

Despite working with Dealers for the last 2 years we have not seen strong sales in this brand so we will now Market these cars Direct only. Doing this allows us to reduce the price of these stunning cars considerably.

From November 22nd till further notice the Top Slot Pegaso and Mercedes Resin line of cars will be sold exclusively through Scaleracing LLC and our Retail Store www.132slotcar.us.

Top Slot Direct Sales
Here is the link to the inventory of Top Slot Cars.

Top Slot Direct.

Orders can only be accepted from American consumers, no sales back to Europe.

Prices include shipping in the USA, and Canada ( Canadian shipments will be letter post, we recommend upgrading to a more secure form of transport. Cars shipped letter post are at Your Risk!!!)

This offer is for the Pegaso and Mercedes collection at this time. We will review Distribution again in 2013 with new items from Top Slot, and pricing and distribution will be decided at that time.

This arrangement does not include the Top Slot accessories nor the 1:24 scale resin bodies which have seen strong sales at several Dealers across North America.

Both Scaleracing and Top Slot firmly believe in Retail Distribution to Stores however at this time this has not worked with this stunning line of cars.