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Scaleracing LLC is proud to be the Distributor for Tech Tech Racing's Magnet Marshal.

The Magnet Marshal functions just like an ordinary electronic scales. In fact, it is an electronic scale, but the feature that separates the Magnet Marshal from an ordinary electronic scale is its patented metal "Magnatraction Beam". Yes its a funny name but we really didn't know what else to call it. The "Magnatraction Beam" is an aluminum and steel composite beam that is mounted flush with, but independent of, the weighing platform. This system provides a source of ferrous metal for a slot car magnet to pull against, allowing the scale to measure the magnetic downforce of the slot car.

This system works great for virtually all 1/32 and 1/24 slot cars, but is designed and optimized for "box stocked" or "RTR" type magnet configurations.  Click here for a review.

Designed and manufactured by a 1/32 scale racing enthusiast in the USA, the Magnet Marshal is a high quality tool, and yet is very small and portable as well.


Magnet Marshal